Royal Hideaway Corales Spa

Tenerife, Spain

Bathing all the Senses

Our concept took its cue from the architecture of the astonishing new building designed by Leonardo Omar, a local architect acclaimed for his purist, avant-garde buildings, and from the landscape of Tenerife, a volcanic island surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. The natural scenery of the location – stone, strong sunlight and deep shade, water and corals – are all brought into the spa, combined with rich timber in the circulation spaces to enhance guests’ sense of ease as they navigate the space. Inside, the semi-subterranean spa is alternately filled with light and then shade, creating a temple of tranquillity. Outside, the stone-walled courtyards are similarly open to the sun and carefully shaded for comfortable lounging. A hard work-out in the gym brings the compensation of views over the entrance courtyard with its palm trees and other tropical plants.

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New build
1,000 sq metres
Completed March 2018