Matild Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel

Budapest, Hungary

A Grande Dame is Born

Matild Palace is a Budapest landmark commissioned by the Archduchess of Austria at the end of the 19th Century. In converting the building into a Luxury Collection Hotel, we wove together a story rich in sense of place and cultural inheritance as well as the Duchess herself to create a hotel that is full of meaning for today’s guests.
At street level, interiors were restored and updated; the once famous café was recreated as a contemporary destination and a new fine dining restaurant was introduced. Above, we totally re-configured floors to achieve 130 guestrooms and suites. Throughout most of the hotel, the aesthetic blends hints of Baroque, Romanesque and Art Nouveau, layered with the Hungarian heritage crafts of metalwork, embroidery and tile-making. The colour palette of aquamarine, green, gold and copper belongs to Budapest. Naturally, in a city that treasures its thermal bathing there is a spa and, on the rooftop, a bar and outdoor terrace offer unforgettable memories.

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Melis Investment Kft
Historic Conversion
130 guestrooms, 2 restaurants, Spa
Completed July 2021