Matild Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel

Budapest, Hungary

The Soul of the City

Matild Palace has been a Budapest landmark since Princess Clotilde of Saxe-Coburg created this neo-baroque apartment building with a grand café that became a destination for European artists. In finding new life for Matild, we were very conscious of old meanings, in the building and in the culture of the city.
The property’s historical significance means that changes at the street level are superficial. The café will benefit from light-touch refurbishment and a brasserie is being introduced, decorated in the famous Zsolnay porcelain tiles and zoned with a shop, bar and series of kitchen stations. The internal plan has been re-configured from the first floor upwards to create jewel-like bedrooms with bathrooms designed as private spas; the presidential suite could be the apartment of Princess Clotilde herself! The spa celebrates Hungary’s tradition of thermal bathing and there will be a sky bar – a “secret” glass room with outdoor terrace.

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Melis Investment Kft
Historic Conversion
130 guestrooms, 2 restaurants, Spa